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Arguably the most popular form of birdkeeping is indoors, with a single bird in a cage. The choice of bird is often a budgerigar, sometimes a canary, less often a parrot and occassionally other varieties. Another avenue of birdkeeping is an aviary in which a collection or birds is kept and often allowed to breed. Finally we have the exhibition bird that is selectively bred to a "standard of perfection". This is a part of the 'fancy' that is enjoyed by many.

Welcome to the Best Of Breeds aviary where you can learn about the various varieties of bird, contact owners and   breeders plus the essential suppliers.

British, Mules & Hybrids Birds Of Prey Budgerigars
Canaries Foreign Birds
Bengalese & Zebra Finches
Parrots & Parakeets
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We started "southlancsbirdcouriers" 4 years ago after we kept getting let down by so called bird courier firms ourselves. When we set up we decide our selling point will be our reliability and honesty and although it was hard at first we soon started to prove to breeders we are here to stay. So if you want your birds transporting by a proper bird courier please contact us - all types of birds collected with very good rates

In October we are starting a new service where each week we will be covering all the motorways around the UK from as far as Glasgow to London and Exeter we will have certain times we will be stopping at certain places so people can come and drop/collect their birds. The cost from as little as 12.50 per bird and maybe even cheaper depending on how busy we get - keep in touch for details

Tel. No.: 0161 737 5156 ~ Mobile: 07501747176 ~ Email: ~ Web Address:

David W Van De Peer MBICSc,
Aviary Hygiene,
30 Lower Road,
TN26 3SQ

Tel. 01233-860440
Fax. 01233-860440

Web Page

Recommended and used by many top bird breeders throughout the UK and the world.
Keep your valuable birds safe with these complete Aviary Hygiene products
Economical and safe to use. Biodegradable

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Developed for cleaning and sanitising in one operation
all areas
in the birdroom. Powerful, safe, economic and fully biodegradable.
Dilutes up to 300:1
5 LITRES @ 20.95
1 LITRE @ 7.55
500ML @ 4.35

Eliminate the risk of cross infection by hand contact when

inspecting nest boxes, handling birds, eggs, or sick birds.
500Mb @ 13.65
250 ML @ 8.35
Prices inc p & p (UK)

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5 Reddicap Trading Estate, Sutton Coldfield,
West Midlands, B75 7DF.

Tel 0121-378 1684


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95d Main Street,
South Yorkshire,
S66 0SE
Tel 01709-545619
Fax 01709-545619
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Suppliers & Manufacturers of Aviary Accessories, Breeding & Incubation Equipment

See web site for full details of Light Dimmers, Tubular Heaters, Hospital Cages, Incubators & Brooding Equipment.

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