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Oak Tree Poultry, Southwick, Wiltshire.  RHEA/OSTRICH & 704 HEN EGG INCUBATOR - TOP SPEC, FANTASTIC PRICE!  Top Spec Fully Automatic Incubator. Will hold 24 Rhea/Ostrich Eggs or 704 Hens eggs, will hold all eggs from quail up to goose, ducks, turkeys etc...

Everything is Programmable from humidity, how many times per day the eggs are turned. It has 2 heaters, both programmable, it has an additional extractor fan which is again fully programmable to take out stale air. Humidity tank can be mains water supplied. The temp sensor & humidity sensor can be re calibrated at anytime - very useful as this is normally a factory return. You will not find an Incubator anywhere near this spec in the UK for twice the money. Comes with full 1 year return to base warranty - full spares and service is available. We have sold loads of these machines, we have these built to our own spec!!

All for 1395 inc Delivery!!! See our website: , Tel. No.: 07891 559810, Fax. no.: 01373 825603, Email:

Oakley Whilock, Rheas, Cheadle, Staffordshire. Rhea chicks 75 each DNA sexed 25 per bird professional enclosures built, Rheas guide. Tel. No.: 01782551007 Mobile: 07973128018 Email: Web:

RHEAS TIRNANOG, Suzannah, Glastonbury, Somerset. Tel. 01458 860186, Fax. 01458 860268, Mob. 07877828795. Email: Web Site

Rrheas - grey and white - beautiful grey and white rhea chicks, home reared, hand tame , ready to go to good homes.

Beautiful graceful birds to enhance your grounds or maybe the future farming as their meat is red, likened to fillet steak but low cholesterol and low fat. Many restaurants are turning to ostrich and emu meat and we have had many enquiries as to the availabilty of our rheas for meat. Ostrich and Emus carry a wild aminals license but Rheas do not. We haven't gone there yet but if meat is your bag then it is worth exploring. Certainly a suitable thought for smallholders as they are hardy and very economical to keep, They cope well with our weather and do not use a shelter. Should you wish to explore the possibilities futher please do not hesitate to call us on 01458 860186, we are happy to discuss and promote this breed. If you are iunterested in the meat market, dont forget the feathers are valuable as are the skins and apparently the oil from the fat commands a very high price. Look it up , do some research!

Wallace Rheas, Pershore, Worcestershire. Rhea Chicks, Rhea chicks available - They are eating well and looking strong. We run a grey male and a white male with 2 grey females. Visitors welcome and the parents are able to be viewed and advice given. Chicks 60.00 each. Phone for more info Worcestershire Tel: 01386 751110

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