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Reindeer, Ross on Wye, HEREFORDSHIRE.  I have a very successful herd of reindeer roaming our fields and woods.  I have for sale some adult females who are proven mums.

They cannot be transported until velvet shed from antlers however available for interested new homes to view, discuss their needs and get prepared for them and secure with deposit.

These beautiful creatures need to be in a herd so three an absolute minimum number to consider and ideally more. These are not for a beginner. They require excellent shelter (barn/shed) from sun and rain, short grass to graze, straw to feed on as equine feed on hay and specialist reindeer pellets as well as constant water. they need hoof trims and six weekly worming and we vaccinate three times a year.

I am happy to chat to genuine interested owners but need to provide evidence that these animals will be going to a stock experienced home. After sales support is always there

Please so some research to ensure these animals fit your ability to handle and support on an ongoing basis

Contact Lindsay McKenna, Mobile: 07869662666, Email: Web Address:

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