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Muriel Robinson,
Nr Norwich, Norfolk.Tel. 01953-455444
Web Site

Cuddly Tame
Hand-reared (spoon fed), baby parrots & parrotlike always available.
Senegals, Meyers, Brown Headed Parrots, Conures - Painted & Crimson, Blue Throated, Cinnamon Greencheeks and Blue Greencheeks.
Emmas, Blackcapped and Yellowsided
All available when in season.

Specialists in hand-reared parrots & parakeets.

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Experienced breeders for over 30 years.
Telephone or email for further details

Stephen Taylor,

Tel. 01432-357512
Mob. 07769-798001

Established 1992

Mutation Ringneck Breeder
Blue, Grey, Albino, Creamino, Cinnamon, Turquoise Blue, Turquoise Grey, Lacewing Blue, Lacewing Grey, Yellowheads.
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