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A breed with a long coat that is easy to maintain and standing at just 18cm (7 inches). Their wonderful expressions from large round eyes make them particularly attractive dogs. Easy to feed and undemanding for exercise. Likes a quiet life so perhaps not suited to children.

Cynthia Rose 
Paignton Court 
17 - 19 Sands Road 
TQ4 6EG 
01803 553111 
Mob. 07970-552671

Web Site

We have been breeding and showing for the past 20 years starting with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and then Japanese Chin - both breeds being close to our hearts.

Rossyn Japanese Chin

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Rossyn Miss Saigon

World Show Amsterdam 6th July 2002
First Open - Res CACIB
Japanese Kennel Club
Speciality - Amsterdam
7th July 2002

First Open Bitch
Best Bitch
Best of Breed

This is the first time that Japanese Chins have been exhibited from the UK under the Pet Passport Scheme.

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