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The Shetland Sheepdog originated in the Shetland Islands and is an active, intelligent and glamorous dog who always wants to be "on the go" and is virtually tireless. He is affectionate with his owner, but a little reserved with strangers. He is sturdy, alert, makes a good house pet, and is easy to train, but should never be nervous.

Size - Ideal height at withers:
Dogs: 37cm [14 in]
Bitches - 35.5cm [14in]

Mark Hales
South Wales
Tel. 01495 244305
Web Site

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Rifflesea Right to Roam over Markenfield

Rough Collie & Shetland Sheepdogs

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Steldave's Touch of Elegance at Markenfield

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Markenfield's Dream Keeper

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Markenfield's Fantasy on Ice

Ch Markenfield's Asti Spumante.jpg (13040 bytes)
Ch Markenfield's Asti Spumante

Markenfield Galliano.jpg (15056 bytes)
Markenfield Galliano

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Markenfield's Tri Dawn (1CC & 2 Res cc's)

Markenfield's Knightbird.jpg (11059 bytes)
Markenfield's Knightbird

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