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The Samoyed is one of the oldest domesticated breed of dog and is descended from the wolf. They come from Western Siberia and are sledge dogs, also being used to watch over the herds of reindeer to protect them from attack by wolves and bears. They also accompany their masters on polar bear hunts.

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Astutus - Playtime

Quite an individualist, the Samoyed is friendly, gentle natured and patient. Loyal to their masters, they are always ready to show him affection. They also like children. Despite its looks, the coat should  be harsh and weather resistant rather than soft and fluffy. They adapt well to the UK climate but what they likes most is snow.

The length of body should strike a happy medium, with a strong muscular formation  and a chest deep. The sides should be rounded, with very strong neck and loins . The male stands at be 51 - 56 cm (20 inches to 22 inches) and the bitch at 46 cm to 51 cm, (18 inches to 20 inches). The head should be masculine for a male and pretty for a female. His eyes should be dark and almond-shaped, his whole expression being one of a smile

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