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Lanlin Cassaba
see Lanlin - West Midlands

The Rough Collie makes a superb household companion. Known as the "Lassie" dog they have quite a background as sheep dogs. Standing at some 60 cm (24 inches) they are a medium to large sized dog. Grooming is demanding with their long coats.

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Lanlin Luna
see Lanlin - West Midlands

Mark Hales
South Wales
Tel. 01495 244305
Web Site

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Rifflesea Right to Roam over Markenfield

Rough Collie & Shetland Sheepdogs

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Steldave's Touch of Elegance at Markenfield

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Markenfield's Dream Keeper

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Markenfield's Fantasy on Ice

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Ch Markenfield's Asti Spumante

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Markenfield Galliano

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Markenfield's Tri Dawn (1CC & 2 Res cc's)

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Markenfield's Knightbird

West Midlands
Mrs S Malpas,
'Ivy Dene'
Neachells Lane,
West Midlands,
WV13 3RG

01902 634475
07956 105920
Web Site

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9 Years ~ breeding soundness,
beauty and good temperament

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Lanlin Anniesson

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All  puppies bred by me are tattooed at five weeks old and have their first vaccinations and a health check before leaving me. I am always willing to give advice when needed.

Dogs at stud to suitable bitches

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Lanlin After Dark

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Lanlin Niceguy

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Lanlin Eclipse

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Lanlin Caribbean Queen

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Lanlin Brighter Prospects

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Lanlin Summer Sunset

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