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The Lancashire Heeler is a small, powerful, sturdily built, alert energetic worker that works cattle but has terrier instincts when rabbiting and ratting. They are courageous, happy, affectionate to owner dogs.

They have a fine undercoat, which is covered throughout by weather resistant, short, thick, hard, flat topcoat. Topcoat slightly longer on neck. Undercoat should not show through topcoat nor allow any longer hair at the mane to stand off. Long or excessively wavy coat hightly undesirable.

Colurs are black or liver with rich tan marking on muzzle, spots on cheeks and often above eyes, from knees downwards, with desirable thumb-mark above feet, inside hindlegs and under tail. Richness of tan may fade with age. White to be discouraged, except for a very small spot on forechest being permitted, but not desired. Pigmentation to tone with coat colour.

Ideal height at shoulder: dogs: 30 cms (12 ins); bitches: 25 cms (10 ins).

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Lancashire Heelers
Great little characters who are smallest of the pastoral group as a cattle herder that is why they are called lancashire heelers as they used to take herds of cattle up to Lancashire.
Traqdean Heelers Traqdean Heelers photo 5

A loyal dog unlike a terrier who might disappear on a walk a heeler will won't. Mainly black and tan with short double coat pricked or semi-pricked ears and a tail that just goes over a little at the back. Approximately 10"/12" with a active trot, they are happy having long or short walks as long as they are involved with you life. They have a happy nature and get on well with other dogs.

Pups and adults are eye-tested. My 10 heelers all live in our home with 5 Rottweilers and 2 cats.

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