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Tosari Burlesque (Toby)

This is the classic farm dog. An active and very intelligent breed that needs to be kept busy. At 53 cm (21 inches) they are fairly easy to groom despite their length of coat. As a breed they do not suffer fools or young children gladly.

Mrs J Shaw,
Little Court Farm,
Aldington Frith,
TN25 7HH

Tel. 01233-720340
Fax. 01233-720915
Border Collies
Puppies Sometimes Available.
Black & White, Blue Merle, Red Merle and Red & White.

Loads of coat, New Zealand show type. Very good natured. Sire hip score very low.

Buyers have had success in Obedience, Agility & Flyball.

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Kate & John Wykes
Web Site

Tarnforce Border Collies

Newly located in Kilsby near Rugby, Kate and John Wykes, together with their five dual registered Border Collies are making a mark in the area with their Working Trials, Agility and Obedience successes.

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Stud Dogs Available To Selected Bitches
All dogs are hip scored, eye examined and DNA tested

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