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American Cocker - Clumber - Cocker - English Springer - Field
Irish Water - Sussex - Welsh Springer

The American Cocker Spaniel derives from the English Cocker Spaniel but in facial and coat appearance is quite different. A dog that requires huge amounts of grooming due to his very long and thick coat. The Clumber on the other hand is fairly easy to groom. He is a small, 45 cm (18 inches), but solidly built dog that has an air of confident superiority.

The Cocker (English) is a happy enthusiastic dog that stands at 41 cm (16 inches). He needs regular grooming but no where near the extent of the American - always on the move and willing to fetch and carry.   Springers get their name from their ability "spring" birds or flush them out. A lively dog that is virtually tireless needing lots and lots of exercise.  At 51 cm (20 inches) they enjoy a game and are not difficult to groom.

The Field Spaniel looks similar to the Cocker but is a little larger at 46 cm (18 inches). A dependable yet independent dog that makes a good house dog. Skilful grooming is what is required for the Irish Water Spaniel. This tall 58 cm (23 inches) Spaniel has a happy disposition and has plenty of energy.

The Sussex is a small breed at 41 cm (16 inches) that has a wrinkled brow. He is large boned with a pleasant temperament. The Welsh Springer is slightly smaller than the English at 48 cm (19 inches), likes people and learns quickly and easily.


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Small hobby Breeder of Show Type Cocker spaniels

In solid and parti-colour, breeding with Type, temperament and coat. We test under BVA scheme for Eyes and hips and also PRA - (DNA)

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