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SH CH. Inostricani La Beau

The Italian Spinone is an all round gundog and makes an excellent family pet. They have a face full of character, with their bushy eyebrows and wiry coat. Their feet are large and well suited to both marshy and solid ground. A large dog that stands up to 70 cm (27 inches) in height and needs plenty of exercise.
Mrs L Rossiter,
Boulters Barn Bungalow,
Church Hill Road,
Chipping Norton,

Tel. 01608-642336
Web Site
Italian Spinone

Brown Roan, White & Orange.

rossiter.jpg (13419 bytes)
SH CH. Inostricani La Beau
Top Roan Winner 4 Years Running.
Joint Top Spinone

SH.CH. Inostricani Kayo-D-Oro,

Sh Ch Fernando Laerzio by Inostricani


Sh Ch Inostricani Dessinzano

Advise or just a chat about Spinone always welcome

PUPPY FOR SALE - Please email or phone

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