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German Shorthaired Pointers

A medium sized dog, standing at up to 64cm (25 inches), they are smaller than their Wirehaired relations and have a glossy smooth coat. Originating as a cross between Spanish Pointers and Bloodhounds to give a dog that both points and trails by scent.

An energetic breed that required plenty of exercise - not unusual in a working breed. A kind and even tempered dog that is very intelligent and makes good companions.

Miss Nicky Hamlin,
81 Creeton Rd,
Little Bytham,
NG33 4PX.
Tel. 01780 411176
Mob. 07970 613570

German Shorthaired Pointer

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Bart, Bisto and Bovril


I have four GSP dogs at present; Dorntanza Decadent at Nuash (Bovril), Bovril's son Dorntanza Trick or Treat at Nuash (Bisto) and Isara Kurzhaar Ybother at Nuash (Bart). Bart and Bisto are at stud to approved bitches. All three are worked regularly during the shooting season. My new puppy is Heathermark Calibre at Nuash and his pet name is Boo. He is Barts son.

Bart has a Reserve CC, a first prize in a novice working test and this year (2003) won the gamekeepers picking up class for pointers,setters and HPRs at Crufts out of 39 entries. He was also awarded his Show Gundog Working Certificate in January 2004.

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Bart With Cruft Trophy

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Bart on point

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Bisto on point

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Dorntanza Lord Hixeqshuner

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Lord Helpus at Work

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Trevor and dogs

German Shorthaired Pointers

Barbara & Trevor RIGBY
Tel. 01842 815607
Email ~ Web Site
Training for all HPR breeds

"Show Dogs That Work, Working Dogs That Show"
Excellent temperaments

Advice freely given

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Dorntanza Red Alert with owner
Jean Kelly

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CH. Dorntanza Lord Helpus,
Champion Dog at stud to approved bitches.

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Dorntanza Goodness

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