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See Swisshaven - Wiltshire

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog is large, sturdy and muscular. The skull is flat and broad, with a slight stop. The backskull and blunt muzzle are about the same length.

He is willing and eager to please and are excellent with children. Devoted, sweet and easy-going, generally good with other pets and is not dog aggressive. Teach them not to chase. Cautious, and protective, of the home. The Swissy warms up quickly to welcomed newcomers. An admirable, courageous, keen watchdog who will bark if they hear something out of the ordinary. They will not be happy confined to kennel life, enjoying their family. This giant breed matures slowly in both mind and body, taking anywhere from 2 - 3 years.

Kimberley Barton
Tel. No.: 07826302305
Mobile: 07826302305


Samala Rottweilers
Swisshaven Great Swiss Mountain Dogs

I have had Rotties for over 22 years now and SAMALA is the affix for them. I have owned, worked, shown and bred Rotts for this long and they are my first breed. The Great Swiss has been a journey and still learning but what a wonderful breed they are and we have never been in a rush and that shows because the quality, soundness, characters we are producing in our Swissies shines through. They are admired and adored wherever they go and the quality speaks volumes!

All dogs are health screened and temperament tested before breeding. Our breed club holds two Character Tests a year all breeds and cross breeds welcome to attend, maximum 12 dogs to be tested on the day.

This breed is not for everyone.

Puppies sometimes - available please enquire

Experienced, Responsible, forever home required for 5 month old Rottie female pup. She is excellent with people, kids, cats and other dogs.  She would work well but her training is ongoing and anyone interested in taking her on will understand this along with socialising her. Only owners need apply.   She has had her vaccinations, card in the puppy pack.  She has also been wormed and frontlined regularly. She is microchipped as well.

Her parents have excellent temperaments, her mum is ED Free and Hips very low as is her champion father.  Mum is also BVA/KC Current Eye Test clear and Heart Test normal.   She will go with her comprehensive puppy pack, 5 generation KC registration with breeding restrictions, a few toys, contract, some food and lifetime support and advice.

She could be shown as she has a lovely shape though she will be small-medium size female.   Her teeth are all through with correct bite.

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