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Advertise your Pigs on Best of Breeds / Country Breeds web site for just £15 per year
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9 week old piglets - Oxford Sandy & Black  x  Gloucester old spot. Ready now, both parents can be seen, really good for meat.  Carole Fowler,   Chard,  Somerset. Tel.  01460 62498, Mobile: 07933249508

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All year round piglets and weaners - with 30 sows living outdoors, there's always lots happening at Oaklands Pigs, Rotherfield, East Sussex. Saddleback, Gloucester Old Spot and Crossbreds. AWe have purebred British Saddlebacks and Gloucester Old Spots, and crossbred pigs from our large blacks, Oxford Sandy and Blacks and many other breeds. We can take the time to help you choose your pigs, with lots of helpful advice.

We also run pig keeping courses, and our book "Perfect Pigs" - the complete guide to keeping pigs. You can book our courses on-line, and order the book, all from our website.

See our website for latest availability - Tel. No.: 01892 852663, Mobile: 01892 852663, Email:

Amazing Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs, Devon ~ The Prize Winning Wheatley Park Herd
If you are an enthusiast, a breeder or a first timer this rare breed is an absolute must.  A joy to own, calm, easy to keep with a superb temperament not to mention very easy on the eye!  They produce tasty and succulent pork and fantastic bacon. Orders taken for weaners and registered stock.

 For help, encouragement and guidance on what to look for in your first registered (breeding) stock or advice pick up the phone, email or visit our website to see this wonderful breed, where you can find additional information on looking after your pig and monthly updated pig facts.

Or why not join us on Facebook: Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Group Telephone: 01566 783232 Mobile: 07747 392803 email


Amy's Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs - Ashbourne, Derbyshire. Weaners for sale both boars and gilts. Birth notified with BPA and eligible for registration. All friendly and easy to handle, each with a different personality. Please contact Mr G Cotterell, Telephone 01335 350250, Mobile 07813918747 or email

At Mochyn Merllyn, Oxford Sandy & Black, Henshall, Ruthin, North Wales. Pure breed &  pedigree Oxford Sandy and Black weaners, and breading stock for sale plus boar hire. Also pork sausage and bacon for sale fresh and frozen. Our pigs are keep free-range in woodland as much as possible where they are free to exhibit natural behavour. We are passionate about our pigs and proud of our product. We now run half-day pig keeping courses and are available for visits to schools, play groups, scouts groups etc with our trailer and pigs. Feel free to contact us Ian & Sharon Henshall, Tel 01824 710228 Email Web site

Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm At Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm we have seven small flocks of rare sheep, four breeds of cattle, pygmy goats, chickens and two breeds of pig including Kune Kunes, the wonderfully friendly Maori pigs from New Zealand.  We are happy to advise you on the husbandry of any of the breeds that we keep and also sell you any surplus stock that we have available.

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Brambles Special Breeds Julie & Alan Edwards. We are based South of Malvern in Worcestershire. Close to the 3 Counties Showground. We specialize in breeding kune kune pigs and Angora Goats and rare breed poultry. We run "Smallholders Courses for the Beginner" which include the legal requirements as well as hands on with the day to day caring of your animals. We can also offer B&B at the house or close by. If you need any advice please call Julie: Tel. 01684-833336 Mob. 07872-170190 Email Web Site

Bratton Pigs, Bratton, Wiltshire. We are breeders of free range, pedigree Mangalitza pigs. We have blondes and reds, all our stock is BPA registered...we sell weaners and have boars for hire..a blonde Curly and a red Leader. Visit our website for more info. We also breed free range, pedigree British Saddlebacks, and have a very fine Earl Simon boar for hire. Siobhán Edwards, Tel. No.: 01380 831213, Mobile: 07773052286, Email: Web Address:

Calcroft Rare Breed Oxford Sandy & Black and Large black free range woodland reared Pork & sausage we sell 1/2 or whole pigs jointed to your specification and boxed to collect also Lamb when available.Orders taken now. Also breeding gilts for sale not registered but ideal for smallholders as both breeds are hardy, docile and easy to handle. We are based in South East Wales. David & Anne Cooper, Tel. No.: 01495740367, Mobile: 07947144449, Email:

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Cantref Kune Kune Pigs. Brecon Powys. Breeding sows and piglets for sale - variety of colours ready now. Contact Colin Evans Tel. 01874665223 Mobile 07977120533 Email Web Site

CarrHall - Breeders of Quality Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs, Belper, Derbyshire.  Bred with care and detail to pedigree, free ranged and kept as pigs should be kept!   we pride ourselves on breeding strong piglets suitable for breeding or fattening, these pigs are ideal dual purpose meat pork or bacon!  Friendly docile personalities, very easy to keep, dams are prolific mothers, very mothering and milky, GOS are a hardy outdoor sort well suited to facing the elements.   All birth notified with BPA and some eligible for registration which is included in price, boars and gilt weaners usually available as well as older potential breeders, all fully pedigree'd.   Bloodlines include Princess Joan, Countess, Dolly and Bluebell on the dam lines, piglets sired by our beautiful strong Patrick boar who always passes on his strong shoulders and hams. Gilts £55 boars £45.

Our aim is to produce high quality traditional Gloucestershire Old spot pigs, our sows and boars are family owned, they have a beautiful biddable temperment that has been passed onto their offspring, easily outdoor kept and very well suited to this, they're hardy pigs and very friendly, we ensure piglets are handled so they leave friendly and ready for new owners whatever their destiny, they only come in to farrow!  Mr & Mrs E T R Davis. Tel. 01773 825928, Mob. 07974 197820 or 07971 342776 Email Web Site

Chester Lane Farm, Mini pigs, Cheshire. Four mini pigs for sale. All black with white feet. Male piglets are already castrated. All are 3 months old. Piglets are a mixture of kune kune, GOS and pot belly. Sweet natured outdoor pets. Katy - Mobile: 07590117666, Email:

Dale House Farm Kune Kune Pigs in the Yorkshire Dales. We breed pedigree kunekune pigs of various bloodlines and sell these friendly piglets after 8 weeks of age to other breeders, smallholders and those who want a pair of pigs for a paddock or orchard. Visiting sows are enthusiastically greeted by our three pedigree kunekune boars, which have a good track record in producing excellent piglets. We also offer Bed and Breakfast and welcome visitors who wish to learn more about pigs, experience the reality up close before buying a pig or those who simply want to spend time feeding and tickling. Contact Simon, Tel. No.: 015242 41211, Email:, Web Address:

DANDT, Wattisfield, Suffolk. Kune Kune Pigs. For sale breeding group of pure breed pedigree kune kunes. All registered with papers to show the bloodlines. Reluctant sale only due to moving home and not being able to find land nearby.

I have:

1 sow, brown and white, 19/20 inches high ,just over 16 months old (raised 7 beautiful piglets three months ago)
1 castrated boar, ginger and black, 19 inches 16 months old, kept to keep my sow company when shes not breeding,
1 unrelated boar, ginger and black, only 11 months old ready to stud this year.

Priced as a group £450.00 ovno

Please call Tara for more information on bloodlines, (keropa, tutaki, te whangi) Tel. No.: 07872 542 539 Mobile: 07872 542 539 or email any queries to

Photo for illustration only

Degiorgio Hilltop Farm Middle White Pigs, Cotheridge, Worcestershire. Middle White pigs - weaners and growers for sale and breeding stock available. We have several female bloodlines of Middle White, including the very rare Alma Rose line and currently we keep Sovereign and Rajah boars. Middle White x Tamworth weaners also available. We also sell 1/2 pigs butchered, packed and labeled ready for the freezer, we make our own delicious sausages and can provide a pig roast and/or BBQ for any size event. Please call 01905 333666 or email with any enquiries. Web Site

Our free range Middle White pigs

DON'T PANIC WE'RE ORGANIC; Poyning Pork Organics. Poyning pork pigs are free to roam,dig and wallow. The welfare of our pigs are taken very seriously and they are kept in natural,free range condition. Any size and age for sale,we have rare breeds such as Welsh, Large Black and Duroc. Fresh and frozen pork, sausage and bacon available from local market or come visit us at the farm; Llandrindod Wells, mid-Wales. Contact Steve on 07974251321 Email Web Site

Sow and piglets next to one of the arks

Elkesley Breed of British Saddleback & Berkshire, Elkesley, Notts. Regisitered Berkshire weaners available.10 weeks. Ready now. Outdoor bred & wormed. Saddleback X Berkshire unregistered weaners available. In pig gilts to order. Registered Saddleback weaners available later in the year. Berkshire weaners available all year. Lucy Barnes, Tel. No.: 07545 638419, Email: Web Address:

Elkington Cottage, Oxford, Sandy & Black, Northampton. Northamptonshire / Rugby boarder Weaners for sale Oxford, Sandy & Black Real free range pigs, come and have a look. Home made sausage, ham & bacon available. Please ring Richard 07947818887 Email:

Photo for illustration only

Faithmead, Whitland, Dyfed. Gloucester Old Spots/ Berkshire/ Middle White Pedigree Rare Breed Pigs ALSO White and Coloured Ryeland Sheep. At the base of the beautiful Preseli Hills on the Pembrokeshire/Carmarthenshire Border is our 13 acre smallholding where we breed Gloucester Old Spots, Berkshire and Middle White Pedigree Rare Breed Pigs. We also have small flocks of Pedigree Registered White and Coloured Ryeland Sheep as well as pure bred Anglo Nubian goats. Our ethos is "Quality" rather than "quantity" and we also keep an order book running for anyone interested in our weaner pigs, or alternatively, our quality Rare Breed Pork or Welsh Lamb.

Any other information: We also have a small holiday Annexe here at Glyn Elwyn and are always delighted to show people around so they can see our livestock and just enjoy being in this beautiful area. The coffee is always brewing and visitors are always welcome. Mandy & Derek Colbourne, Tel. No.: 01994 448760, Mobile: 07884 170627, Email: Web Address:

Fibreglass Pig Shelters
Indoor/outdoor use. Small, Medium and Large. Shelters available a shelter your pet pig will love. Can be made in any colour of your choice. Strong and robust pleasing to look at.

Nicholas King,
Tel. No.: 01692 402452
Fax. No.: 01692 402452,
Mobile: 07884373531,

Garside Farm Micro Pigs, Milnrow, Rochdale, Lancs. Tiny Micro Pigs for sale pink and black-white and black-plain black-pink black and ginger. We have a range of girls and boys and they are all very small. Mum is only 14 inch and she can be seen. All pigs are socialised and tame and ready for homes now -  first to come will get the pick of the litter. Stunning liile things and very playful. £400 for the black and £600 for the coloured. Please ring for any other details. To purchase a pig you will need a CPH number thanks. Tel. No. 07871949401 Fax. no. 01616650377 Mobile: 07871949401 Email: Web Address:

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Gloucester Old Spot Pigs - Waterpitdown Herd, North Cornwall. Gloucester
Old Spot Pigs For Sale. Pure bred Gloucester Old Spot weaners available for pork or breeding. Delivery possible.
Please visit our website to check current stock and due dates.

Julie Dronfield
Penpethick Farm
PL32 9SE
Tel. No.: 01840 250261
Mobile: 07749201035

Gloucester Old Spot Sow, 2 years old, has had one litter of  7 piglets. She has a good temperment and is a good mother. Ideal for breeding. Please call any time for more info. Malcolm Henson, Milton Keynes, Bucks. Tel. No.: 01908 372029 Email:  

Gloucester Old Spot Weaners, Thurleigh, Bedford. Our lovely sow Pippy has had another wonderful family. Pippy and her beau Rufus are pure bred Gloucesters (But no papers i am afraid) We have three beautiful weaners available from 21 November when they will be just over eight weeks old. We currently have one female and two males available. (could manage three males if that is your preference.) Please phone for more information. Karen Plunkett Tel. No.: 01234771911, Mobile: 07973636422, Email:

Green Grass Farm, Oxford Sandy and Black pigs and Berkshire Pigs, Lincolnshire. At Green Grass Farm we breed pure breed registered Berkshire Pigs and Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs, we also have available Berkshire x Oxford pigs and Kune Kune pigs. All our pedigree pigs are registered with the PBA.

All our pigs live outdoors and are free to root and roam. We have at present 15 Breeding sows so pigs available all year round. We will freely give as much advice and help as required when purchases your new pig whether for meat or breeding. All weaners are available for collection from 10 weeks old we wean at 8 weeks but like to worm all the weaners and make sure they wean from their mothers successfully before letting them go onto their new homes.

In addition to breeding pigs for people to buy and take away either for pets. meat or breeding we offer the following service for people who just do not have the time or space for a weaner.

Introducing ~ Own a Pig Scheme !!!!!

Do you want free range fresh home grown pork, sausages and bacon, but do not have the time or room for a little porker in the back garden? We are offereing a service where you choose your pig form our weaners, and we look after them until they are 7/8/9 month old depending on breed. In this time we pay for all vet fees, feed bills, worming and any unexpected costs and when the time comes we will have them despatched and butchered for you. Total cost £249.00 no hidden costs

Advantages for you:

No capital outlay ( ark, fencing, troughts etc )
Free range pigs living a natrual life with others
No unexpected cost
No legal forms for movements for you to fill in
You do not get attached to your pigs
You can visit and get updates on your pig/s progress ( photos monthly) you get a freezer full of the finest free range pork

Disadvantages for you:

You miss out on day to day contact ( though this will make eating it easier)

You pay £50 to purchase the pig and £199 when you collect the final product. Your investment is safe should the worst happen we will replace the pig for you. Tel. No.: 01673 845300, Mobile: 07980 697121, Email:




Hairy Hogs, Almost All The Rare Breeds,Weston Underwood,Buckinghamshire.
Tamworth, Berkshire, Middle White, Saddleback, Kune Kune, Mangalitza, Gloucesterhire Old Spot, Oxford Sandy & Black.

We love our pigs, and so will you! At Hairy Hogs we have Pedigree B.P.A Registered breeding stock of nearly all the rare breeds. Our Kune Kune girls are tiny, thus producing wonderfull 'diddy' pets. We are totally free range and our pigs live outside all seasons. Nature plays a big role in our breeding programe and our boars enjoy their 'jobs'! Some of our sows are show winners, all producing superb quality breeding, and meat stock.

We offer two hour 'Piggy' sessions on our smallholding in Weston Underwood, Wooden Pig Arks, and advice on feeds etc. The One stop 'piggy shop'!

Call us to discuss your 'Piggy Requirements', or look us up on . We will do whatever we can to help you make the right choices! We love pigs, so will you! Mobile: 07834 450857 Email:

Located on Bucks, Beds, Northants borders

Hawthorne Range, Burton-on-Trent - Rare Breeds and Weaners. Rarebreeds available most of the time. Old Spots, Large White, Welsh, Saddlebacks, also weaners x for better quality meat. All pigs are out door freerange reared. Contact Paul Russell, Tel. 01283 564214, Fax. 01283 500672, Mob. 07764768575, Email

Heatherhurst Grange - Breeders of Pedigree Middle White pigs based in Surrey - Boars and Gilts available. All litters will be BPA birth notified and eligible for registration. Middle Whites produce outstanding pork and have a very friendly temperament. For more information and weaner availability contact Martin on 07736 666666, Email: Web Address:


Hideaway Welsh Pigs, Narberth, Pembrokeshire. We are breeders of Pedigree Welsh Pigs, based in Pembrokeshire. We currently have for sale 3 pedigree weaners(boars only), ready on 6th November. We also have for sale 3 Large White Weaners, ready on 22nd October. Contact Corrina Taylor Tel. No.: 01834 831835 Mobile: 07805398124 Email

Photo for illustration only

Kune Kune Pigs at Whittle House Farm, Bolton, Lancs. I have got a litter of gorgeous kune kune piglets for sale that are coming up to 8 weeks old and soon to be weaned from mum. There are 3 gilts and 5 castrated boars in a variety of colours registered with the British Kune Kune Society. They make wonderful pets for anyone with a bit of land, they are clean, friendly and don't get too big! I live in Bolton, Lancs. and can arrange delivery. My piglets are well handled and mum can be seen. Shirley Jennings, Tel. No.: 01942843030, Mobile: 077601732244, Email: Web Address:

JarmFarm, Pedigree British Saddle Back Pigs, Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire. I have pedigree saddle backs for sale, Wearners, gilts, sows, boars and boars for hire. We also sell in pig gilts. Please call anytime. also check my website for more photos! Pigs being born all the time and avilable all year round. Also gloster old spots and KuneKune wearners avilable. Also check my website. please call 07519308136 for more infomation.  Email: Web Address:

Kippax Farms, Burnley, Lancashire - Pigs, chickens & poultry, cattle, and sheep. Family run farm and online retailer located in Burnley Lancashire selling chicken supplies and poultry equipment, horse and equine supplies, and pig supplies. You can browse and purchase our selection of pet products online via our website. Nationwide delivery available. Kippax Farms are also breeders and sell to the public and auctions the following animals and livestock;- Rob Rose British Micro Pigs, Large Fowl Orpingtons (various colours) and other rare poultry/chickens/waterfowl, Texel and Suffolk sheep, Aberdeen Angus, Belgian Blue, Limousin cows and calf’s. We have won various awards for our high quality livestock. We offer a friendly and welcome service. Enquires welcome to James Kippax, Tel. No.: 01282420906, Mobile: 07943 230607, Email: Web Address:

Any other information: Join us on facebook and twitter at the following addresses;- ~

Lady Acorn Limited, Warwickshire, Oxford and Sandy Black Gloucester Old Spot and Saddleback. All our pigs are used to human contact, they all love a fuss and being tickled.

Oxford and Sandy Black birth notified weaners for sale.  Ready 15th February onwards £55.00 each registered or £50.00 non registered.  All piglets and handled from birth. Please call Carol Radford on 01827 711289/07792726965. Email Web Address:

Lancashire Micro Pigs/Miniature Pot Bellied Pigs. 10 mins from J12 of the M65, Nelson, Burnley, Lancashire. . Family run farm with over four generations of farming experience. We currently sell and breed Micro Pigs. We are a trusted breeder and all our stock and breeding stock comes the original founder in Cumbria. We supply official and healthy miniature pot bellied/micro pigs which means we have access to 15 years full provenance of every single generation of these miniature/micro pigs. We also sell rare breed chickens (various types of Buff Orpington's, and Light Sussex), as well as Suffolk, Charollais, and Texel sheep. We also breed and sell Aberdeen Angus, Belgian Blue, Hereford, Limousin, cattle. Please contact us or see our website for more details. James Kippax, Tel. 01282 420906. Mobile: 07943 230607, Email: Web Address:

Little Owls Gloucestershire Old Spot, Doncaster. Little Owls is named after the little owls that frequently visit our small holding when we are feeding are pigs. We have been busy this year collecting bloodline from as far as cornwall, to wales and the north of England. Our stock consists of the majority of bloodlines. We have weaners all year round that can be reserved to order a small deposit is required. We have some Maiden Gilts for sale these are picked out for there conformation and shape We sometimes have proven young sows for sale Young meat pigs are always availiable All of our pigs are vaccinated and wormed All THESE PIGS ARE PURE GLOUCESTERSHIRE OLD SPOTS, BIRTH NOTIFIED, ONLY BREEDING STOCK WILL BE REGISTERED.   If you want to by any of our pigs you must have the correct documentation for example CPH number. Contact Jason Knaggs, Tel. No. 07876703159 or 07876684251, Email:

Photo for illustration only

Makenzie Oak Kune Kune is situated just outside Worcester with easy access from Juction 7 of M5. Piglets of various colours for sale. These small grazing pigs make excellent pets and enjoy the company of people and other animals. Vaccinated and Registered Stock available. We also have Ixworth chickens. Contact: Dawn Christys Tel no. 07598553368, Email:   Web Address:

Mangalitza Pigs, Cranbrook, Kent. Pedigree Mangalitza weaners for sale. 4 boys £50 each and two girls £60 each. Born and live outdoors. Fantastic breed (also known as Wooly pigs), healthy, wormed and real characters. Live outside all year round, real hardy breed. Can deliver to with in 15 miles for £10-£20. Ready for sale on begining of October 2012 at 9 weeks old. All piglets are registered with the BPA as pedigree Mangalizta's. David White, Tel. No.: 07796136108, Mobile: 07796136108, Email:

Photo for illustration only

Meishan Pigs - the first in the England.  We are expecting a litter very shortly. The Meishans are a very friendly and docile pig with wonderful personalities. Superb looking pigs with their big "dumbo ears" and wrinkles.    They are ideal for the families and novices as well as the smallholder and professional pig keeper.  They provide a very flavorsome fatty meat which is ideal for Charcuturie.  Their meat is a great delicacy in Japan.   For butchers and chefs looking for an upmarket meat they are a ideal choice. The Meishans are renowned for their large litter sizes and prolific breeding.

Please see our website or email us  Or of course give us a call on 01293 771771 for further details. We also have Pedigree Saddleback and Pedigree Kune Kunes.  Please ask.

The Melbourne Herd, Shirland, Derbyshire. Gloucestershire Old Spot - Tamworth and Mangalitza. Quality Breeder of pure breed registered Gloucestershire Old Spot - Tamworth and Mangalitza pigs. Mark Guy, Mobile: 07966 506 285, Email:

Micro Pigs, Basingstoke, Hampshire. We have 4 adorable piglets left for sale, 1 black entire boar, and 1 cream and black entire boar, 1 black sow and 1 cream and black sow. Ready to go 1st June, and they will be 10 wks old. Also 4 fully grown micro pigs, all sows, mum of piglets who is an excellent mum and 1st litter, and 3 black small sisters unrelated to mum of litter. Please contact me for further details. Mrs Sadie Anderson, Tel.  07795273450 email:

Middle White Pigs, Great Kimble, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Michelle Andrews, Tel. No.: 01844 274023, Email:

Middle White 'in-pig' sow for sale, Aylesbury, Bucks. One year seven months old. Had successful first farrow. Very good mum. Fed babies well. Now in tip-top condition. Unregistered.

Micro Pigs, Widmerpool, Nottingham. Genuine micro pigs boys and girls ,black, spotty and red stripe very unusual. Mum is a genuine micro standing 14 inches pot belly and cost £2000.00 . Babies are handled daily will be ready nov, deposit secures price start at £500.00 We have an extremely tiny little boy weighing 4oz at bit and remains very small ,we would consider offers over £1000.00 as he would be an asset to any breeder. Tracey Nunn, Tel. No.: 07841026865, Mobile: 01159744321, Email:

Photo for illustration only

Micro Pigs UK, Lovely Miniature Pot Bellied Piglets For Sale, Heathfield, East Sussex. Genuine Micro Pigs/Miniature Pot Bellied Piglets For Sale, Available Now, Viewing Welcome, Lots of stunning colours available. Full after care will be provided,you will also need a CPH Number, We are Based in East Sussex, please visit our website for more information and prices. Tel. No.: 01435 862291 Email: Web Address:

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New Pastures, York, East Yorkshire. Kune Kune, Middle White, British Lop, Mangalitza, Gloucester Old Spot. New Pastures, based 7 miles from york, is home to a variety of rare breed pigs. Currently the registered BPA lines kept are as follows:
Kune Kune - 2 Sows - Kerropa & 1 Boar - Te Whangi
Middle White - 3 Sows - Silk & 1 Boar - Rajah
Mangalitza - 1 Sow - Abbottess & 1 Boar - Leader

Currently the REGISTERED BLPS lines kept are as follows:
British Lop - 2 Sows - Harmony & 1 Boar - Charles.

Unregistered:  Gloucester Old Spot - 1 Sow.

Weaners will be available from all sows for either breeding or meat. Boar hire is also available with the options of taking the boar to your girl/s or bringing them to him. Contact Tracey Barraclough on 07980 758817 or email

Oakview Pigs, Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire. Oxford Sandy & Blacks, Large Blacks, Gloucester Old Spot BPA registered,Berkshire & Large Blacks not registered. BPA registered Herd consists of 2 Large Blacks (Redborne Maid 10 & 11), Gloucestershire Old Spot (Hennessy Princess 18), Oxford Sandy & Blacks (Quantockhills Cynthia 59 & 63) and Our boar (Bqzeen Clarence 62) We also have 2 unregistered Large Blacks and 2 Berkshires for breeding.

For sale unregistered Berkshire weaners ready 17th July, £50 each. For sale unregistered Berkshire weaners ready 28th August. Please contact Julia on Mobile 07723047187. Email: Web Address:

Gloucester Old Spot pig

Oldlands, Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs, Oxfordshire. At Oldlands we breed Oxford Sandy and black Pigs. Free range, naturally reared, strong, healthy, pedigree, purebred Oxford Sandy and Black weaners and breeding stock for sale from registered prize winning stock. Registered prize winning boar for hire.

This rare breed is an excellent pig for the beginner and smallholder as they are hardy, have excellent temperaments and are good foragers. They produce top quality, delicious pork and bacon with superb flavour - will finish to pork weight in 22 weeks.

All weaners wormed prior to sale and breeding stock vaccinated for ERY and parvo. Advice freely given. Please phone Amanda or Ian on 01367 820575 or 07857 648199/07977 784851 or email: website:

Oxford Sandy/Black, Swadlincote, Derbyshire. 6 pure bread rare breed o.s.b weaners 1 gilt 5 boars ready 1st week in febuary make delicious pork great temperament. Mr M.Howard, Mobile: 07768 346319, Email:

Painshill Mangalitza, Cragg Vale, West Yorkshire. Registered Mangalitza Gilts for sale. Two sisters aged 13 months, outdoor reared, tame and friendly Bought for breeding but family difficulties force sale. Offers over £250 each. Susan Evans, Tel. No.: 01422881062, Mobile: 07900241604, Email:

Photo for illustration only

Petpiggies – Pet ‘micro’ pigs for sale - Bedfordshire. People have enjoyed keeping pigs as pets for many many years and there is no doubt the reward and pleasure gained from owning these beautiful creatures will ensure this continues. Owning any pet brings with it huge responsibility and involves long term love, care and commitment so please consider this very carefully before making a decision.

To find out more about our little piggies visit our Facebook page ‘petpiggies’, our website and then, most important of all, visit us.

We look forward to seeing you soon, Caroline. Tel: 01525 288532 or Email

Pig keeping courses in the Lake District. Whether you are thinking of starting with pigs, or you have pigs and want to expand your knowledge, we will cover all aspects of pig management. Also available specialist weekend on showing pigs and further courses planned on butchery and processing. We have a range of pigs from breeding families through to finished pigs on both indoor and outdoor systems. Traditional and modern breeds of pig produced for the show ring and the butcher. For more information please visit our web site. Carole Barr, Tel. No.: 015394 41088, Mobile: 07780960119, Email: Web Address:

mom and piglets

The Purple Pig Company, Pocklington, East Yorkshire. Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs. We operate a mobile farm attending schools, care homes, fete's etc around Yorkshire for educational purposes with our children friendly animals. Occasionally we have surplus stock for sale. Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs(sometimes known as micro pigs)spotted and blacks, weaners and breeding stock available. Rachel Searstone, Tel. No.: 01759 307746, Mobile: 07727 845697, Email: Web Address:

Roughhill Herd, Pedigree Gloucester Old Spot, Studley, Warwickshire. We sell Pedigree birth notified Gloucester old spot weaners, pork,Sausages,dry cured bacon local lamb free range hen & duck eggs. Locally produced fruit & veg along with homemade jams, marmalade & local honey.  As a small producer we do not always have pork products, so please enquire before travelling to Jack, Mobile: 07976385047, Email: Web Address:

Squiggly Pigglies, Battle, East Sussex. Mangalitza cross micro piglets for sale. Home reared as pets, well handled and very sociable piglets. Should be curly coated like mum. Both parents can be seen.

We breed a small number of micro piglets and mangalitza crosses. All have the very best of care and are part of our animal family. Well used to kids, dogs, horses and a hectic family life. Annie Gravett, Tel. No.: 01424846268, Mobile: 07876748561, Email:

Stoneyford - Gloucestershire Old Spots. We have a small herd of Old spots here at Stoneyford, with boar and gilt weaners for sale, all our pigs our outdoor reared with excellent blood lines, our piglets are strong, chunky and healthy suitable for breeding or fattening, they are birth notified with BPA and are eligible for registration, all our pigs are well handled and use to people and children they all have their own friendly personality which is typical of the GOS making them ideal for the beginner. Our Boar Flynn is also extremely friendly and happy to oblige visiting gilts and sows we have great free range facilities available. The kettle is always on for a coffee and visitors are most welcome, please call for a chat or advice that’s how we got started. Telephoe 01773 761844, Mobile 07920040437, email

Swiftfarm, Tamworth Pigs, Kent. Show quality Tamworth pigs and pork in Kent. Small amount of weaners available all year round. Please check the website for more information and pricing. Oliver W J Davis, Email: Web Address:

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Tamworth Pigs Blackpool, Lancashire. Tamworth Saddleback Crosses - weaners and young stock available all year round from £45. Ideal pets, for breeding or smallholding. Also, pedigree saddleback weaners available, friendly and free range. Can be collected from South Lakeland, Cumbria or Blackpool, Lancashire. Free advise happily given.35 years experience in rare breed pigs. For more info Phone: Tommy Slater 01539 447909 Email:

Tinkers Cross Farm, Fordingbridge, Hampshire. Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs. We are a local farm in Fordingbridge, rearing Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs and Saddleback pigs in a free range natural environment, producing fabulous pork and great piglets. Currently 10 GOS weaners available at £50 each. Tinkers Cross Farm is based in the New Forest and rears pigs, hens, turkeys and ducks. Contact Helen Snart, Tel. No.: 01425 650836, Mobile: 07803615801, Email: Web Address:

Tom's Pigs, Ormskirk, Lancashire - Saddlebacks. FOR SALE! Outdoor reared saddleback weaners, wormed and ready to go. £35 each, can deliver at a negotional price. Blue and whites weaners ready from March onwards. Call Tom on 07792025898 for more information. Email:

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Trevallard Piggies, Gloucester Old Spot & Oxford Sandy & Black X Gos, Lostwithiel, Cornwall. We are breeders of Pure Gloucester old spot & Oxford sandy & Black X gloucester old spot. Our pigs are on organic certified land, get fed & reared organically. They have large pens which the roam in outside with arcs full of straw & daily fuss. All of our pigs are used to being handled & most are very tame enjoying cuddles :) They are more like pets to us than pigs. We often have weaners or pork for sale so please feel free to contact us for more information. We are located near Truro,cornwall. Karensa & John Gurney, Tel. No.: 07519155051, Email: Web Address:

Trotter's Kune Kune, Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Adorable, friendly Kune Kune piglets available. Both castrated males and gilts. Huge range of colours (except all black). Parents can be seen. You are welcome to come and meet Rodney, Del-Boy, Trigger, Dave, Grandad, Marlene, Cassandra, Raquel and Petunia to discuss whether keeping Kunes is the right pig for you - and of course play with the delightful piglets (at present from Marlene, Cassandra and Raquel). They are very used to humans but also chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys - plus the smallholding cat. Deborah Withington, Tel. No.: 01765 677078, Email:

Trotters Mini & Micro Pigs, Ningwood, Isle of Wight. Beautiful, friendly mini micro piglets available throughout the year. These babies are true micro piglets, very small in size, both parents can be met, very tame. CPH number required (full advice given). We offer our piglets to homes with outdoor access/housing, they are better in pairs as they are herd animals and love company, which also makes then a great addition to your family. Suitable for the smallholder with less land

Available are: Spotty male and females; Pink males and female; pink and grey males and females; Orange spotty males and females; black males and females; Orange and white males and females. Full back up advice given. Tel. No.: 01983 760730, Email: Web Address:

UK Minipigs in the Yorkshire/Humber area. Here at Danbec Farm we breed Pet Mini Pigs - All our fully grown pigs are knee height and below and some of them are very small only shin height - please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange a viewing to see our piglets and our breeding stock. Contact Helen on 07923 524887. Email. Website

Wallis Farm Pigs & Poultry, Cambridge - At Wallis Farm Pigs & Poultry we keep and breed Miniature pigs and Free Range Pure Breed Poultry on our smallholding located on the edge of the city of Cambridge.We keep and rear both Bantams and large fowl including Light Sussex Bantams, Orpingtons, Sebrights, Pekins & Wyandottes. These are available from chicks to point of lay (POL).

Our breeding stock of miniature pigs originated from one of the founders of micro pigs in the UK. All our litters are used to cats, dogs and small children and of course chickens! They are very docile and friendly and make lovely pets. All our stock is healthy and the piglets parents are always available to meet.

For more information please contact us on 07780 664701 or email

Wallis Farm Pigs & Poultry

Waterpitdown Herd of Gloucester Old Spot Pigs North Cornwall. Waterpitdown Herd of Gloucester Old Spot pigs. Reared in a free range environment. All pigs registered with the BPA. Breeding stock, weaners, in-pig gilts and finishers. Starter herds very welcome. Free ongoing support. Julie Dronfield, Penpethick Farm, Camelford, North Cornwall, PL32 9SE. Tel. 01840 250261. Email Web Site

Worcestershire Mini Pigs, Kidderminster, Worcestershire.   Kune Kune and Miniature Pigs. Kune Kune and Miniature Piglets available. Outdoor bred and are fully vaccinated and wormed. Mothers have great temperaments and are well socialised. Jane White, Tel. No.: 01562 821909 Mobile: 07866 779136 Email:

Your Little Pig, Luton, Bedforshire. Micro Pigs. An assortment of micro pig ready to be sold in 7 weeks, one boar, two gilts left, black and white, ginger and black, parents avalible to view, cost between £500- £700, visit our facebook page yourlittle pig for more info, pics and vids or call 07771818391 to arrange a vist. Email:

Yourlittle Pig

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