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Named after a Mexican state and so probably originating in South America, the Chihuahua comes in two forms; the long coated and the short coated. They stand at just 15 cm (6 inches), and are clever playful little dogs.

Yorkshire - East
Mrs E E Wakefield,
37 Woodland Ave.
East Yorks.
DN14 6QU
Tel. 01405-760922


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Long Coated
Sables, Fawns, Pale Gold,
Party Colours.

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Puppys Occasionally For Sale
Enquiries Welcome

Two Stud Dogs
Taz at Crufts 2001
Bo 3 shows, 2 VHC and 1 Best Puppy
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Bo at Crufts 2002
Britney at Crufts 2003

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