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The 'Gladiator of the Terriers', the Bull Terrier is an active breed that enjoys exercise. They are easy to groom. Early training is recommended as they can be obstinate. Good with kids but not with cats.
Mrs J Shaw,
Little Court Farm,
Aldington Frith,
TN25 7HH

Tel. 01233-720340
Fax. 01233-720915
"Badlesmere" Bull Terriers

Coloured & White litter May 1st 2000. Golden Brindle dogs available.
White litter 15th May 2000.
Big healthy puppies from healthy screened, sweet natured parents from top show lines.
All puppies registered, insured and tattooed.
Homes carefully vetted. Diet & care advice for life.

Well bred dogs at stud.
Kennel established 26 years.
Many Champions bred.

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Miniature Bull Terrier
Border Collie

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