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The English Lurcher is not a purebred dog but is of definite type, usually having a member of the greyhound family as one of its parents. It is thought to have been developed because, at one time in England, only those of noble blood were permitted to own a Greyhound or any other sight-dogs such as the Saluki, Wippet, Borzoi, Afgan hound, irish wolfhound, Deerhound, etc. So these crosses were made to produce an efficient hunting companion for commoners and a popular poacher's dog. Possibly the best Lurchers result from a Greyhound X working herding cross.

The Lurcher's coat can be rough or smooth and it should look like a relative of the Deerhound, Saluki or Greyhound. The Lurcher is generally an obedient dog, which makes an excellent coursing hound and hunter, and will combine this role with that of a faithful and affectionate family pet. It needs plenty of exercise and a daily brushing.

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