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Image:BuddyTheBassettHound.jpg Both male and female are a similar size; 33-38 cms (13-15 ins). The coat of the Basset Hound is smooth, short and close without being fine. They come in black, white and tan (tricolour) or lemon and white but any hound colour is acceptable. Their temperament is placid and affectionate and they are neither timid nor aggressive.

They are a very popular family dog. Loves the countryside. Has a deep sonorous bark which might suggest that he is unfriendly which is not true.

For grooming, regular brushing is all that is required.

Mike Williams
Tel. 07854 805146
Beautiful Basset Hound pups - Male (lemon and white).

Fully inoculated, wormed, vet checked, KC Registered.

Come with five generation pedigree, 6 weeks free Insurance and Puppy Pack.

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