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Leicestershire Emus
Tel: 01455 823344   Fax: 01455 828273

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Margaret Dover, the owner of Leicestershire Emus, started breeding Emus in 1997.  Emus are friendly, inquisitive birds and very easy to look after.  They can be kept purely for pleasure or as a business venture.  They have been called 'The Totally Usable Bird' because of the many products that come from them.

These products are:

Meat - very low fat and cholesterol, high protein
Eggs - for incubation or cooking - they are excellent for baking or can be eaten fried, scrambled or as an omelette.
Eggshells - hand carved or blown for egg decorators
Feathers - for crafts and fly tying
Oil - a range of skincare cosmetics are made using the oil.

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EggShells (see above)

Emu eggshells are naturally dark green and about 3" wide and 4.5" - 5" long. With a matt surface, they are attractive displayed as natural eggshells. They are most unusual shells because there are three layers to the shell. This means designs can be carved into the shell revealing the blue/green and white layers that are underneath the dark outer layer. They can also be painted or decorated in the Faberge and many other styles.
skinlogo1.jpg (2333 bytes) Emu Oil

Emu oil has been used for medical purposes by the aboriginal people for thousands of years. It was used to relieve the pain and discomfort of inflamed joints and muscles, to help heal wounds and to treat skin conditions. Previous generations in many countries have used products from plants and animals as medication to relieve a wide variety of ailments. It is often not understood why or how the remedy works until modern day research can be done to analyse the substances present and their effects. Only then may it help to explain the scientific reasons for the beneficial effects of that substance. Emu oil has been the subject of such research mainly in Australia and the USA.
  • It has been found to contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial substances
  • It penetrates the skin easily so enhancing the action of other medications
  • It is an excellent natural skin moisturiser
  • It has been shown to enhance the growth activity of skin

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For further information visit
or contact Margaret Dover
Tel: 01455 823344    Fax: 01455 828273   email:

Leicestershire Emus:  Emu Breeder
Livestock - chicks to adults.  Eggs and eggshells - blown and handcarved. 
Meat.  Feathers.  Emu Oil Skincare Products.

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